Our Story

Togetherdom was conceived and co-Founded by husband and wife team Mark and Sarah Watts. Like many people Mark and Sarah struggled to balance the needs of a growing young family with running the house and earning an income. From time to time they needed help either doing things to the house or in the garden but found it really difficult to find the right people.

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“Finding someone to fix our boiler or paint our windows was really difficult. We wanted someone local and someone we could trust. We looked in local papers and asked around on Facebook but the whole process was a bit hit and miss and very time consuming. That got us thinking that there must be a better way.”

At the same time, Sarah was finding that the children’s school days were getting longer, giving her time to think about potentially returning to work. She found that easier said than done.

“As a ‘returner’ I felt I wanted to use my skills in the workplace again, but did not want to be tied down to working for a big company with inflexible hours that did not work with my school pick up times. I found that even the employment agency part time jobs did not suit a mum with school responsibilities, and that got us thinking that there must be a solution.”

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After a year of researching, Mark and Sarah realised that they were not alone in struggling to find good people to do jobs around the house and that the problem extended much wider to include fitness instructors, tutors and part time help for small businesses. Also, the subject or returning to work after having children was also a common shared problem. What was really surprising was that there were lots of local small businesses out there that wanted to grow but could not afford to take on full time staff.

Mark and Sarah realised that there was ample need for services and that there was also good supply – but the two were not meeting. Togetherdom was founded to fill that gap and provide a simple and transparent way of finding local people to do local jobs.

So, the idea of solving those problems was born and Togetherdom was started as a way to revolutionise how we find work and how we find services locally. Delivered via an App, Togetherdom provides an easy way to see rated individuals in your area that want to provide services. They can be booked, rated and paid for all from your phone.

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