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We have all had times when we have been swamped with jobs to do and not had enough time or help to do them. Often, we wake up and think ‘Right, let’s get someone in’ then struggle to find that person after taking ages of looking through classified ads or asking endlessly on social media ‘Does anyone know a good…..?’

We’ve been there, didn’t like the experience, so set about coming up with the solution!

The Togetherdom App was born out of the need to make life easier for people up and down the country, put people back in control, reduce stress levels, and increase free time (we all love that!)

What we do is simple, just like Amazon does for products (and Airbnb for holiday lets), we provide a place where local people can list their expertise and offer their services to people in their area.


  • Easy one-stop-shop to see all local providers of services, no need to travel further than your App!
  • Up to date ratings and feedback are visible for all service providers removing the hassle of references or ‘winging it’.
  • Easy to see online when service providers are available to do a job, regular slots can be scheduled for regular work requirements.
  • Easy to see when your next booking is, via the diary integrated calendar.
  • Easy to pay, funds are transferred when a job is confirmed as complete.  No need to search for cash or write cheques, or remember to pay invoices at a later date.

As a potential demander of those services all you need to do is:

  • Download the App
  • Choose the service you want
  • Read the profile of the service provider and their reviews (real people)
  • Look at their availability
  • Chat to them if you need to in the App
  • Then Book them.


Calendar invites go out and you get the job done.

After everything is complete you rate and pay them.

All through the App

No surprises, no extra costs, what you see on the App is what you pay.

What do we cover?

Basically, if it is a service and you can charge for it, then we can list it!

The App is now live, use the App store buttons on this page to download today!


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Jenny, Home Owner

Problem: Jenny had to spend a long time finding a cleaner to help her keep on top of things what with the demands of a young family and work. When she eventually found one, she was horrified to find that what the cleaner received was a fraction of what she paid the agency.

Solution: This is an all too common story, the middle man takes a big cut and you do not necessarily know who is going to do your work. At Togetherdom, we put the choice back in your hands. You can see the people directly on the system, read their reviews, book them, meet them first if you like, and rate and pay after the job is done. Think EBay or Amazon, but for services! Also, it costs nothing for the cleaner to put their profile on our system. If a cleaner wants to earn £12 per hour, they get £12 per hour.

Download the app on your mobile phone today !

gg store logos 300x89 - Need a service or a job doing?
app store logos 300x89 - Need a service or a job doing?