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-textNo, this is not Togetherdom’s company strapline, but it is a mantra that we intend to live by as our business develops.

Togetherdom is part of a growing number of businesses that want to achieve their financial goals, but do so in a socially responsible manner.

The concept of the triple bottom line was developed to aid this shift with companies increasingly looking to adopt the ‘triple P’ approach. A company can move forward not only by increasing Profit but also by taking into account the Planet and People as the chart shows. A truly sustainable business is one that can adequately synthesis all three.

For those of you who are interested, The Turnbull Guidance, The UK Corporate Governance code and even The Companies Act 2006 has now added to this shift by requiring directors to have regard to community and environmental issues when considering their duty to promote the success of their company.
So can we make money and do good? Absolutely. These concepts are not mutually exclusive and doing good has been proven to not only help people but also deliver positive profile dividends and inspire greater levels of brand loyalty.

At Togetherdom, we have woven ethics and positive social change into the company’s DNA.

Our vision

To unleash the potential of millions of households

Our mission

To provide a simple and secure community for providers and demanders of local services to link up

Our core beliefs

  • People want a better life for themselves or their families
  • People want to be part of a stronger community
  • People want peace of mind and simple clean solutions
  • People want to make a difference to others’ lives
  • People want an opportunity to give back to the community
  • People want to spend time doing what they WANT TO DO not what they HAVE TO DO
  • People do not want to struggle with day to day issues
  • Classically, any new business should be able to provide solutions to problems and in the modern vernacular, be able to ‘disrupt’
  • something. We are looking to revolutionise the way we find services by providing a simple, transparent and trusted way of finding local people to do local jobs, be it cleaning or gardening, dog walking or house sitting, finance or marketing (we term these ‘providers’).

To achieve this, we will be delivering an App to the App stores in the next few months that will allow providers of services to list themselves by creating a profile. They choose what they want to do, when and where they want to do it – they retain total control. Demanders of those services will be able to automatically see anyone in their area offing that service, read the profile, look at the reviews and book from the integrated booking function. Details are exchanged and once the job is complete, ratings are given and payment is automatically taken. Super simple, super safe, super effective. Think Amazon for services!

We expect to create economic activity where none existed and help people find the right help either at home or in their business. As part of our roll out we will be looking to make a different in two key areas: Single Parents and Mums who want to return to work. Both cohorts have an immense amount of skills to offer but are simply not served by the jobs market which still wants the person to fit around the job and not vice versa. This is dis empowering and as any parent will know, that simply does not work when children are involved.

Our social good will derive from providing a way for people to work, earn and be creative whilst still being able to satisfy the other parts of their lives. Taking single parents as an example, providing opportunities to work that fit in with existing responsibility has been shown in studies to be the single biggest explanatory variable in raising living conditions and migrating families out of poverty. Apart from the obvious benefits to the individual and their immediate family, there are a myriad of positive knock on effects to the wider community and society as a whole.

Seeking to make money is nothing to be ashamed of, marrying it will a desire to do good not only benefits society as a whole, but will also positively reflect on your business too.
Mark and Sarah Watts are the Founders of Togetherdom Limited, and committed to making a difference. They live in Staplehurst, Kent and nurture two 2 energetic children. When not working on the business, they love to cook and travel.

You can find more information on Togetherdom at and Why not join the revolution?

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